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Andy’s Cue: I Stood up for WWE, now can I sit down?

Now that the election is over and Richard Blumenthal won the Connecticut Senate Race, Can the WWE now end or phase out that “Stand Up for WWE” campaign?

I can understand that because Linda McMahon was the CEO of WWE from its inception in 1979 up until recently in 2010and has had a hand in building the company from a small former affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance to a global phenomenon and the most recognized symbol of sports entertainment (and pro wrestling too)

However, the company’s past storylines (including the now-infamous storyline with Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon that the media keeps replaying over and over as if it occurred yesterday) and legal actions outside the squared circle has now come back to haunt Linda and the WWE.

As an example of their legal issues there is the 1994 Steroid Trial, Benoit murder/suicide, Sex Abuse Scandal of the late 80’s, the work ethic of the performers, etc.
Despite the fact that with the exception of the Benoit murder/suicide, and the TV-PG standards that were in effect as of 2008, most of what was mention occurred during the days when the company was called World Wrestling Federation. World Wrestling Federation was renamed World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002, following a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund.

And I see the WWE’s point that their work with charitable organizations, dedicating a wrestling show for the troops and Iraq and Afghanistan, having WWE-sponsored rehab for current and former employees and efforts of having viewers vote and younger children to read and empower themselves is barely reported, much less giving the WWE praise for doing so. Although, their work with charity should be and is commended, they have WAY TOO MANY skeletons in their closet and that their negatives are more highlighted than their positives.

I grew up as a wrestling fan, despite the fact that wrestling was frowned upon due reports of kids no younger or older than me at the time.

I first started watching wrestling since I was in elementary school around the late 90’s. My first wrestling experience was watching an episode of ECW Hardcore TV which aired on the MSG channel when I should of gone to bed. I have been watching ever since whether or not its still frowned upon by my family.

The media is right by saying their past storylines involving women and some of the characters that the WWE had during the “WWF Attitude Era” which lasted from late 1997 to early 2001 is offensive and disrespectful to women.

However the media should have point out that the demographic that the WWE was catering to then (which was 18-25 Male and 25-49 Male demographics) had a thing for things like that. And the media shouldn’t being using past storylines talking about them as if they occurred last Monday on an episode of “Monday Night Raw’.

But the “Stand Up for WWE” campaign reeks of overkill. I get it, the company is defending themselves against who they (WWE) calls “holier than thou elitists”.

We Understand how the WWE has made changes since the Attitude Era ended in 2001 and that no one wants to acknowledge that. They should of started the campaign during the ’94 Steroid Trial, not NOW.

This campaign is now heading into overdrive and although they can point out the positives, but there is one too many negatives and a company cant be reborn, despite a name change.

I Stood up for WWE, and Im proud of myself for doing so.  But here is a question to the WWE, can I Sit Down?


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