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The Write Way: What Not to Do So That Your Writing Rings True

Charles Ray's Ramblings

You’re penning that mystery novel, and you think you have the perfect scene; a body lies in a pool of blood on the sidewalk, your PI protagonist, a police detective, and the medical examiner stand over it. The following dialogue ensues:

Cop:  “What do we have here, doc?”

ME:  “A white male in his late thirties with GSW to the chest.”

PI: “When did he die?”

ME: “From lividity and liver temp, I’d place time of death between 2 and 2:30 this morning.”

Okay, let’s stop there. There would be beats, or actions included here, not just lines of dialogue, but that’s not the point I wanted to make. Readers raised on a diet of TV cop shows will probably not see anything wrong with this little scene, but they would be wrong. There are so many things here that are incorrect it’s hard to know where to start. If…

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New Release – Prunella Smith: World Within Worlds

New Release – Prunella Smith: World Within Worlds.

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Buy an Anthology of Short Stories and Get another Novel Free!

The Demise of the Content Mills

The Demise of the Content Mills.

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day.

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Awesome Authors–Charles Ray

Interview by D.V. Berkom, author of the Leine Basso and Kate Jones thrillers.

DV Berkom Books

Author photo Today on Awesome Authors I’m pleased to interview prolific writer, former diplomat, journalist, and current intrepid world-traveler, Charlie Ray . I first became aware of Charlie through Indies Unlimited ,where he’s a frequent commenter. He’s much more active online than I could ever hope to be, as he maintains several blogs, regularly posts on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook, not to mention taking the time to stop by other blogs to show his support. Not only that, but he pens both fiction and non-fiction, is a fabulous photographer, and a fine artist. Whew. I wish I had that kind of energy and talent! Intrigued, aren’t you? Then what the heck are we waiting for? Let’s get to the interview:

(From the author’s bio): Charles Ray has been writing fiction since his teens. He won a Sunday school magazine writing contest when he was thirteen, and having his byline on a short…

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Review of ‘Steel City Investigations’

Charles Ray's Ramblings

I love a good mystery story. I also love humor. When the two are combined, I’m in hog heaven. When I got a free copy of Donald Algeo’s Steel City Investigations, I began reading – it started off a bit slow, but by the middle of chapter two I was hooked like a big mouth bass at a fishing tournament.

Eddie and Nicky Carlyle are two very rich brothers, who, if their father can resist spending their inheritance on his next lost cause, stand to be even richer when he finally shuffles off his mortal coil – something he seems determined not to do until all the money is gone. Divorced from their mother, Daddy Carlyle changes his will for the umpteenth time; this time declaring that when he goes whatever is left goes to his grandchildren rather than his sons. Not a good situation for les deux frères

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Turning the Pages YA Blog Tour – The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker

Turning the Pages YA Blog Tour – The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker.

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Review of ‘Lifeboat’ by A.B. Shepherd

Another Place to Showcase Your Photography

Another Place to Showcase Your Photography.

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